Despina Giannoulidou-Papadopoulou | MSc in Orthodontics

Trained in Orthodontics, University of Krems, Austria

Practice limited to Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics for Children, Adolescents and Adults

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Information Concerning Orthodontics


The below list contain videos published in  YouTube, which are related to several issues concerning Orthodontics. You can view these videos by clicking on the corresponding images or their titles.


General information concerning orthodontics

Introduction to Orthodontics

Τypical Orthodontic Patient

Orthodontist vs Mother

Orthodontist vs General Dentist

Pediatric Dentist

The Average Dental Patient


Oral hygiene

Brushing Techniques with Braces    

Flossing with superfloss

Brushing with Proxabrush

Brushing Problem Areas Dental Cavity - 3D Medical Animation
Kids Cavity Movie Dental Sealants and Fissurotomy
Gingival Recession Periodontal Pocket Formation


Orthodontic problems

Eruption of Teeth Eruption of Teeth (Panoramic View)

Impaction of the Maxillary Canine

Impaction of Third Molars

Early Primary First Molar Loss Early Primary Second Molar Loss

Deep Bite Open Bite

Crossbite Facial Asymmetry

Class I && Spacing Class I & Open Bite

Class II, Division 1 Class II, Division 2

Class II, Division 1 & Overbite

Class III (skeletal)

Lip Posture and Anterior Teeth Relations    

Lip Posture Class II, Division 1

Lip Posture Class II, Division 2
Lip Posture Class II & Overbite Lip Posture Class III

Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) - Normal Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) - Anterior Disc Displacement


Orthodontic techniques


    Metallic Brackets

Metallic Braces (& Ligation of Wires with Steinless Steel Ties)

Metallic Braces (& Ligation of Wires with elastics)

Direct Bonding Procedure (How Braces are placed on the Teeth) Indirect Bonding of Braces (How Braces are placed on the Teeth)

Mettallic Braces & Elastomeric Chain Closing Spaces in Teeth Separation of Teeth with Elastics

Intrusion Arch Bite Turbo Appliances


    Clear Brackets

Clear Brackets    


    Lingual Brackets

Lingual Brackets    


    Clear splints (aligners)

Invisible Aligners    


Orthodontic appliances

Lower Lingual Arch Nance Appliance
Lower Arch Holding Arch Lip Bumper
Space Maintainer

Space Regainer
Quad Helix Expander Rapid Palatal Expansion (RPE) with Hyrax appliance
Maxillary Expander (Removable) Mandibular Expander (Removable)
Cervical Headgear High Pull Headgear
Fixed Pendulum Appliance (FPA) Fixed Pendulum Appliance with Expander (FPAE)

Bite Plate Appliance
Herbst Appliance Forsus Spring with Braces
Anterior Crossbite Appliance Face Mask
Braces and Retainer Spring Retainer for retention


Orthodontic treatment approaches

Extraction of Upper & Lower 1st Premolars Extraction of Upper 1st Premolars
Extraction of Upper & Lower 2nd Premolars Extraction of Upper 1st Premolars & Lower 2nd Premolars
Serial Extraction Tretament

Single Lower Incisor Extraction

Treatment of Impacted Canines

Molar Uprighting for Implant Placement
Treatment of Congenital Missing Lateral Incisors

Build-up of Lateral Incisor

Recontouring Teeth to Reduce Crowding Interproximal Stripping (Recontouring of Teeth)
Reduction of Black Triangles    


Orthodontic implants & mini-screw implants

Molar Intrusion Using Mini-Screw Implants Open Bite Treatment with Mini-Screw Implants & Clear Braces
Anterior Retraction Using Mini-Screw Posterior Protraction Using Mini-Screw Implants
Complete Dental Retraction Using Mini-Screw Implants Canine Retraction with Mini-Screw Implants

Anterior Tooth Implant Posterior Tooth Implant
Bone Grafting to prepare for Implants    


Orthodontics and orthognathic surgery

Third Molar Extraction Soft Tissue Impaction

Third Molar Extraction Partial Boney Impaction
Lower Jaw Set-Back Surgery Mandibular Advancement Surgery
Upper Jaw Advancement Surgery Bi-Jaw Surgery
Surgical Correction of Deep Bite (Gummy Smiles) Surgically Assisted Palatal Expansion
Surgical Correction of Open Bite - Maxillary Impaction Surgery Surgical Correction of Open Bite - Maxillary Impaction Segmental Surgery
Surgical Correction of Long Face Syndrome Maxillary Posterior (Upper Back) Impaction with Mandibular Advancement Surgery Surgical correction of Open Bite & Prognathism - Maxillary Posterior Impaction, Maxillary Advancement & Mandibular Setback Surgery

Reduction Genioplasty Surgery

Advancement Genioplasty Surgery

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